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In Person Lessons & Online Virtual Lessons

Our private lessons are one on one with the instructor are reinforced through a consistent schedule and the teachers ability to customize the learning experience for the student. It is the students choice to come in to the studio for In-Person Lessons or log in for Online Virtual Lessons. 


Included with lessons: Two Yearly Recitals, Rock Band Class, Clinics and other Performance Opportunities. Please see our studio policy for more information.

All lessons are based on availability and are scheduled weekly at the same day and time.

Ways to start lessons

Offers can not be combined.

One Free Lesson is a new student offer that is basically just how it sounds. It's free lesson on any instrument we teach. Our one free lesson can help uncertain students decide which instrument they wish to study and give insight into our teachers and lesson programs. It's Free! Try it!

One Month Trial is a new student offer that allows the student to take 4 lessons before they officially sign up. Our one month trial also helps parents and new students decide how weekly lesson and practice will fit into their schedule. One Month Trials are $70 for 4 lessons and is our most popular way to start private lessons!

Exploratory Lessons is a new student offer that allows students the ability to try several instruments at once or consecutively. Students will pick which instruments they wish to study. Take 4 lessons on each instrument. Then decide which instrument they wish to continue. Exploratory Lessons are $70 for 4 lessons per instrument. Students must commit to all 4 lessons on each instrument prior to starting exploratory lessons. Music is an adventure. Explore it!

Flex Scheduling is for all new or active students. It's basically a punch card for lessons. Students prepay for 4, 8, 12 or 16 lessons. When a student wishes to have a lesson, simply contact us and we will offer you our current availability for that lesson. Students that participate in flex scheduling do not have a weekly lesson time but rather schedule lessons based on availability. Students may use flex scheduling for any instrument or teacher. Flex Scheduling fees will be pro rated based off each new or active students tuition rates. Perfect for the busy musician!

The Kenosha Conservatory of Music specializes in Private Music Lessons  or Live Virtual Video Lessons. Online Lessons. We offer lessons for Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, Drums Lessons, Piano Lessons, Keyboards Lessons, Mandolin Lessons, Banjo Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, Fiddle Lessons, Violin Lessons, Viola Lessons, Flute Lessons & Voice Lessons. Proudly teaching music lessons to students from Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Somers, Racine, Bristol, Union Grove, Winthrop Harbor, Zion, Sturtevant, Salem, Paddock Lake, Burlington, Elmwood Park, Mt Pleasant, Oak Creek, Milwaukee, Paris, Franklin, Caledonia, Camp Lake, Silver Lake, Brighton, Woodworth, Kansasville, Antioch, Gurnee, Waukegan, Wadsworth and Rosecrans.

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